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This group is an endevaour to bring together all certified Project Management Professional (PMP) in India to share ideas, knowledge, views, documents, tips & tricks and all related stuff once you have become a PMP and to continue to contibute to the profession and our own career as a PMP. The group has been formed under the sponsorship of PMI-Mumbai chapter.



PMP Club is being setup to help members collect PDU (in turn maintain certifications) and meet their knowledge-updating requirements. In addition they will supplement PMI Mumbai Chapter activities.

Membership Criteria

PMP Club membership is granted to the individuals who fulfill following criteria:

  1. Individual is a certified PMP.
  2. A certified PMP or PMI-Mumbai chapter committee member introduces the individual to the club.
  3. Individual has attended or is currently attending PMPCE courses conducted by PMI-Mumbai chapter.
  4. Individual is a member of PMI-Mumbai chapter.


  1. PMP Certified members can earn PDU (Professional Development Units) to maintain their certification. 1 PDU/ Per Hour
  2. Networking Opportunities
  3. Volunteering Opportunities 

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